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3 Big Causes of Low Water Pressure in House | Plumbing One

Water pressure issues can make life miserable. Many household activities get significantly more difficult when your water pressure isn’t functioning normally. And while it’s easy to take strong water pressure for granted when you have it, you will notice when it’s gone. If this has happened to you, and you’re stuck wondering what it is that’s causing low water pressure in the house, below are a few possibilities.


Your pipes may have a buildup. This can happen when corrosion occurs. Over time, minerals in your water may cause the pipes to corrode and clog. It’s likely that your water pressure will suffer if this happens.

Is something wrong with your water pressure in just one faucet? Or are you getting low pressure all over the house? Identify where the problem is and decide on the next steps. If your pressure is only low coming out of one faucet, the first step is to try flushing your water lines.

As the video below shows, flushing your water lines can be an easy DIY solution to clogged pipes. Restoring proper water pressure may be as easy as removing your aerator and cleaning the individual pieces. If not, you can try disconnecting the water lines and draining the shut-off valves for 30 seconds.

Otherwise, reach out to Plumbing One or the local plumber in your area for a speedy return to normal home life.

Flush your bathroom water lines in under 5 minutes!

Pro tip: Kill two birds with one stone during your house call by having a backflow preventer installed on your water pipes. These devices ensure your home drinking water will never become contaminated with backflow.


It’s also possible that the issue is a poor connection between your water line and the water distribution main. This can certainly cause low water pressure issues in the house. If you have a connection issue here, it may be on you to fix that as a homeowner. Hiring a plumber in your area to do an inspection and repair is the best way to ensure it gets done right.


If the point of poor connection is beyond your service line and out of your yard, however, that’s a city issue. The good news is that the bill won’t fall to you. Hopefully, your water provider will be able to fix the problem speedily.

If your municipality’s water pressure problem is affecting you, chances are you’re not the only house on the block. Frustrating as it may be, sometimes the best you can do is to give the city a call and ask for an update. If you put enough good old fashioned civic pressure on them, you should get your water pressure back without delay. 

Water pressure issues in the house may be a symptom of a larger-scale issue.

Water pressure issues are no fun. But whether it’s sediment in your water pipes or a problem somewhere in the water distribution system, there’s always a solution. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give Plumbing One a call.

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A plumber working on the pipes on the underside of a bathroom sink.

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A plumber working on the pipes on the underside of a bathroom sink.