Sump Pump Repair & Replacement

Sump pumps are common in basements and crawl spaces. Through the use of a simple drain pipe, a sump pump expels excess rainwater from the inside of your home to the outside.

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A sump pump is your home’s first line of defense when it comes to preventing basement flooding. High water levels should trigger your sump pump to begin removing water.

Sump pumps can also be equipped with a battery backup to ensure that, even during a power outage, they will continue to remove water.

Eventually, all sump pumps do fail and require repair or replacement. If your sump pump is old or you suspect it is malfunctioning, call Plumbing One immediately to avoid potential flooding and water damage.

Battery Backups

If you’re worried about your sump pump failing, you might consider having Plumbing One install a battery backup. We recommend battery backups for sump pumps in basements or lower levels that have been converted to finished living spaces.

Concerned about losing valuable possessions in the event of a sump pump failure? A battery backup will give you peace of mind. These units do require the homeowner to perform periodic testing and maintenance, but this small amount of work is well worth it to ensure your basement will always stay dry.

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Plumbing One is the “ONE” to call when you have a broken water service line. We can usually schedule your repair within a couple of days weather permitting. Depending on what type of failure your water service has, a fracture or cut we could possibly do a repair. Some of the older water services have faulty or failing materials which would constitute full replacement.

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