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6 Big Plumbing Services You Will Need and When

We’ve been around the block in the world of Columbus plumbing. Over the years, we’ve witnessed trends in service calls, seen what’s likely to break at what time, and gone in to fix it all around the great state of Ohio. So even with luxury home projects on a national rise, as the winter rolls in, we’re expecting more of the nitty-gritty — that is, the repair calls that no one wants to make. So what are the most in-demand plumbing services, and when should you be on the lookout for problems?

Plumbing companies get most of our calls for plumbing services in the spring and fall, but it truly varies. Climate and other external factors can play a role, but at least in Central Ohio, it’s generally pretty predictable. Observable trends in industry service calls can help homeowners be on the lookout for issues in the home that might require professional plumbing services.


Drain Cleaning

Truthfully, drain cleaning calls are non-stop year-round for us.


It bears specific mentioning in the fall for one very simple reason: Turkeys.

How y’all manage to so consistently clog up your drains with turkeys is beyond me. But you sure do! Every Thanksgiving and Christmas, we get calls from families who have tried to put their kitchen sinks through too much. And when the drain needs a fix or the garbage disposal needs to be unclogged, we’re there to keep the holidays running smoothly.


We get calls for sump pumps and hose bibs in the fall too. But especially in the spring, homes from Hilliard to Blacklick have usually just undergone quite the long frost period. And this can cause some major hose bib issues in particular. Columbus Homeowners who use our Springtime Home Prep Checklist discover issues with their sumps and hose bibs and can quickly whip their homes back into seasonal shape.

Sump Pumps

Ah, springtime in the air. The daffodils are in bloom, dinner is wafting through the living room. But… what’s that stench?!?

Sump pump failure is no fun for anyone. The only real upside is that it’s better than ejector pump failure. If your sump pump is giving you problems come April, you’re not alone. Don’t hesitate to call in a professional for a speedy replacement or repair.

Hose Bibs

When we get calls around late March or early June from homeowners who can’t connect their garden hose to the outdoor spigot, it’s usually the same culprit. Frost-free hose bibs are an absolute “must” in cold climates like ours. Without them, you’re just asking for it over a long winter in the Greater Columbus area!

Not to worry though, these are usually an easy and inexpensive fix for your favorite plumbers! 


Leaky Fixtures

Whether it’s another example of using our kitchens to the max or something else, the folks at American Leak Detection agree: leaks can be a common summer bummer.

When leaky fixture calls come in here at Plumbing One, they usually go something like this:

Caller: “Our water bill was really high this last month. Do you guys have any idea what’s going on?”

Us: Ugh! That’s the worst. But we do, indeed! Would you like me to walk you through one or two possible fixes? From there, we can see about scheduling a repair if needed.

Most of the time, you’ll be looking at a leaky fixture when the water bill goes up significantly. This can be a shower valve or other leak, and depending on the size and build of the home in question, it may be something homeowners can locate and fix on their own.


Hot Water Tanks

We get calls for hot water tanks all the time. Whether yours is a conventional or tankless water heater running on electric or gas, the unfortunate truth is that this may be the most common type of plumbing services call we get.

That’s why you really need to invest in a good one. It’s important to pay attention to the signs you may have a problem with your water heater. But whether it’s a complete failure or just a leak, water heater calls are very much a year-round service call for Central Ohio plumbers.

Water Services

Water service problems are a bit of an odd duck. They’re most common in the spring and fall, but rather than focusing on seasonal frequency, we watch for geographical trends. What do I mean by that?

I mean that these things happen on cycles — usually every 30 years or so. When one or two homes in a neighborhood require water line replacement services, it’s pretty likely that the calls are going to start flooding in pretty soon (excuse the pun).

So there you have it. Hopefully, these trends in inquiries for plumbing services will give you a better idea of what to watch out for inside your own home. For any further questions or concerns, always remember to contact your favorite plumbers!

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A plumber working on the pipes on the underside of a bathroom sink.

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A plumber working on the pipes on the underside of a bathroom sink.