The Outdoor Kitchen: Trendy Home Projects

The outdoor kitchen has always been something of a next-level luxury. But ever since coronavirus hit earlier this year, this backyard nicety has gradually become part of a national shift in entertainment options. So how did the outdoor kitchen become the “it” project of this year? It’s actually pretty simple.

Installing an outdoor kitchen presents a unique benefit to the homeowner as governments continue to implement lockdowns for COVID-19 safety. A backyard kitchen is a place to still have your small, outdoor, and socially distanced gatherings. As the nation continues to trend toward at-home entertainment instead of going out, homeowners, are starting to love having more control over their setting and safety.


How many of us have shown up to a supposedly small-sized social event in the past eight months, only to find out that it’s twice as large as we were told and no one is observing safety protocol very well?

It’s frustrating. With an outdoor space at your home, you can control that environment, because you set the rules. In this scenario, it’s much easier to space out seating and have a few beers or grill out with a couple people you love and trust.


This is not a bad time to invest in your four walls. Homeowners all over the country are upgrading parts of their houses because, well…

A.) What else are we going to do with our time?

B.) Of all the national markets for personal assets, homes may have held their value the best through 2020. And now that the election is over, home sales will start to rise if history has anything to say about it. All that to say, there may be less financial risk involved in shelling out right now for an upgrade on your home.


Just like the first step when installing a gas line for an outdoor grill, anyone looking to put in a backyard kitchen needs to check on accessibility. It’s ultimately a question of whether or not it will be possible to go through the back wall of your home to tie onto the gas and water lines. Luckily, it isn’t difficult to find out.

On approximately 80% of homes, it’s quite easy for a homeowner to check accessibility themselves, but over at Plumbing One, we decided to make it even easier.

There’s no need to waste your time trying to figure out whether you can access your lines from the backyard, calculating capacity, and then calling a plumber. Just run the Plumbing One accessibility check.

Accessibility Check Steps

  1. Grab your cell phone.
  2. Walk to where your gas and water lines are located.
  3. Snap a couple of pictures.
  4. Text them to (614) 600-4548 with the message:
    “Am I Outdoor Kitchen Ready?”


Just snap a picture or two of your water and gas lines. Then text it to us. That’s it! Whether you want to hire us or not is of no concern. Even if you don’t live in the Columbus area, we’ll let you know if it’s possible to install an outdoor kitchen on your property.


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A plumber working on the pipes on the underside of a bathroom sink.

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A plumber working on the pipes on the underside of a bathroom sink.