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Reasons Behind Recurring Drain Issues

Issues regarding sewers and drains are actually pretty normal and are bound to crop up eventually. Nevertheless, having access to efficient sewer repair in Columbus, OH from Plumbing One is a big plus. However, just because sewer and drain issues are normal doesn't mean they should be a common occurrence.

There are various reasons why drain issues keep coming back, and knowing these reasons can help give you a better read on the situation so that you know when to call for professional sewer repair services.

Sagging Sewer Pipes

As a result of sinking soils or other ground conditions, a piece of the sewage pipe can become "bellied," resulting in a pipe with an abnormally large circumference. In turn, the pipes will sag, and so the pathway of the wastewater is obstructed, leading to frequent clogs and sewer backups. Severe pipe sagging is typically remedied via a sewer line replacement, usually because repairs can only do so much when the whole pipeline is bloated.

Sewer Line Damage

Your sewage line can get damaged over time, accounting for aging, wear and tear, and neglecting to schedule regular upkeep. Worn out drain and sewer lines won’t function as optimally, resulting in recurring issues that prompt you to replace sewer line.

Tree Root Intrusion

Recurrent sewer problems can be due to tree root invasion. Tree roots spread into the earth during dry spells in search of water, and sometimes they pierce sewage pipes. The intrusion results in sewage pipe damage and drain obstructions. Sometimes you can get away with getting the sewer pipe hydro jetted to get rid of the tree roots, but a severe instance of root invasion warrants a replacement instead of just a sewer pipe line repair.

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A plumber working on the pipes on the underside of a bathroom sink.

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A plumber working on the pipes on the underside of a bathroom sink.