The 5 Big Benefits of Electric Outdoor Grills

The sun is shining and the birds are singing. Summer is right around the corner, and after the year we’ve had, you’re probably ready to have some fun, right? Electric outdoor grills are a great way to cook up some good times, but as a conscientious consumer, you may be wondering whether or not it’s the right buy for you. Let’s take a look at some of the upsides of purchasing an electric barbecue grill this summer.

An electric grill on a wooden patio.

What are the five big benefits of buying that outdoor electric BBQ grill? An electric patio grill is portable, good for the environment, fairly inexpensive, doesn’t require charcoal, and will put you in excellent company with a certain American icon…


Quick Note: In many homes, setting up a line to an outdoor gas grill is a relatively easy project for a licensed plumber. But maybe you’ve been told that it won’t work for your home or simply have your heart set on an electric model. After all, there are definitely some things to love about having an electric patio grill.


Most electric grills are super portable. This comes in handy when you want to have a summer BBQ at the park, beach, or over at the in-laws! Propane-fueled grills aren’t likely to be so portable since they often require setting up a gas line.

No Need For Charcoal

Can you use charcoal in an electric grill? Yes.

Do you need to? Nope!

As Outdoor Life points out, electric outdoor grills are “great for outside cooking without the mess of charcoal.” However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up that quintessential charcoal smell and experience if you don’t want to.

That said, a small electric grill that doesn’t blow charcoal smoke at your guests can be a nice touch for a classy outdoor kitchen.

Environmentally Friendly

So you can still use charcoal in an electric barbecue grill, but charcoal ain’t so good for the ol’ earth. A gas or electric patio grill, on the other hand, offers an alternative that won’t create such a large carbon footprint. Green grilling is achievable and easy, so why not make the world a better place without compromising on taste?

Fairly Inexpensive to Operate

Worried about the power consumption of an indoor or outdoor electric grill? In Jimmy Wu’s article for The Best Dibs, he says you shouldn’t be in general. Size will play a role but as long as you aren’t going crazy with it and firing it up over and over, you should see a fairly negligible amount of electricity usage from a large or small electric grill. Take into consideration how many people you plan to grill for and how often, then research different makes to get a more specific idea of what your power consumption will look like.

George Foreman Approves ✅

Perhaps no name is more synonymous with electric grilling than that of former boxer George Foreman. The Foreman line of electric outdoor grills surged into the American zeitgeist and has never truly left. But before you throw out the traditional grill life to make George proud this summer, it’s worth noting that the company also makes gas and charcoal grills. And if you want a combo of electric AND charcoal grill benefits, gas may be a good way to go.


We can help with that! Reach out and we’ll offer our opinion on whether a gas, charcoal, or electric barbecue grill is the right choice for your home. Remember: when working with natural gas lines, always give your professional local plumbers a call. It’s an easy afternoon at a reasonable price if you do but a potential disaster if you don’t.

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